office-cubicles-940x220The MUSTS research group consists of over 40 researchers, including (amongst others) philosophers, anthropologists, historians and sociologists. There are eight professors and more than a dozen PhD candidates.


Name Role Picture
Prof.dr. Karin Bijsterveld Head of Maastricht University Science Technology and Society research programme

Program leader of Technological Cultures of Sound

Professor of Science Technology & Modern Culture

Tel: +31 43 388 3346
Room: C2.07
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Rachel Allison PhD Candidate

Project: Making Clinical Sense

Tel: +31 43 388 4781
Room: 2.006
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um_default_profile_icon Wiebe Bijker Program leader of Risk and Vulnerability

Professor Emeritus of Technology & Society

Tel: +31 43 3883321
Room: 1.009
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Foto Wiebe Bijker
Dr. R.F.J. de Bont Assistant Professor

Project: Nature's Diplomats

Tel:+31 43 388 2767
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Foto Raf de Bont
Dr. Frederic Bouder Assistant Professor

Project: HowSAFE

Tel:+31 43 388 2566
Room: C0.13
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Foto Frederic Bouder
Dr. Joeri Bruyninckx Assistant Professor

Project: Sonic Skills – Sensory Skill in Laboratory Practice

Tel:+31 43 388 2532
Room: C1.18
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Foto Joeri Bruyninckx
Dr. Darryl Cressman Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388
Room: 2.006
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Marith Dieker PhD Candidate

Project: Talking you Through: Traffic information and car radio

Tel.: +31 43 388 4787
Room: E2.09
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Dr. Conor Douglas Lecturer

Tel.: +31 43 388 350
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Claudia Egher PhD Candidate

Project: Mental Health Expertise Online

Tel.:+31 43 388 3322
Room: E2.09
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Foto Claudia Egher
Dr. Anna Harris Assistant Professor

Project: Making Clinical Sense

Tel: +31 43 388 2555
Room: 2.002
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Prof.dr. Ernst Homburg Program leader of Innovation Cultures

Professor of special appointment – History of Science & Technology

Tel:+31 43 388 3314
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Foto Ernst Homburg
Dr. Anique Hommels Associate Professor

Tel: +31 43 388 3483
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Foto Anique Hommels
Prof.dr. Frank Huisman Associate Professor in History of Medicine (Full Professor at University Medical Center Utrecht)

Tel:+31 43 388 3311
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Foto Frank Huisman Annelies Jacobs Lecturer

Project: Soundscapes of the Urban Past

Tel:+31 43 388 4768
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Foto Annelies Jacobs
Noortje Jacobs PhD Candidate

Project: A Warrent for Ethical Research

Tel:+31 43 388 3520
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Foto Noortje Jacobs
Dr. Annemieke Klijn Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 3232
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Foto Annemieke Klijn
Zahar Koretsky PhD Candidate

Tel:+31 43 388 2530
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Dr. Jens Lachmund Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 4917
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Foto Jens Lachmund Harro Van Lente Professor of Science & Technology Studies

Tel.: +31 43 388 2527
Room: B1.32
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Foto Harro van Lente
Dr. Annapurna Mamidipudi Researcher

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Dr. Darian Meacham Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 3458
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Darian Meacham
Dr. Jessica Mesman Associate Professor

Project: Exnovation: Another perspective on patient safety

Tel: +31 43 388 3339
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Andreas Mitzschke PhD Candidate

Project: Publics of GM crops

Tel:+31 43 388 4798
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Foto Andreas Mitzschke
Prof. dr. Cyrus Mody Professor History of Science Technology and Innovation

Tel.: +31 43 388 3227
Room: B 2.18
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Foto Cyrus Mody
Thomas Mougey PhD Candidate

Project: Civilization and its discontents

Tel:+31 43 388 2686
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Foto Thomas Mougey
Dr. Merel Noorman Researcher

Tel.: +31 43 388 2676
Room: C0.11
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Dr. Harry Oosterhuis Lecturer

Tel:+31 43 388 3262
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Foto Harry Oosterhuis
Dr. Bernike Pasveer Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 2015
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Foto Bernike Pasveer
Dr. Peter Peters Assistant Professor

Project: A new Baroque Organ for the 21th Century

Tel:+31 43 388 3453
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Foto Peter Peters
Dr. Simone Schleper

Project: Conserving nature in a changing environment

Tel:+31 43 388 4900
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Foto Simone Schleper
Linnea Semmerling PhD Candidate

Project: Listening on Display

Tel.: +31 43 388 85175
Room: C0.14
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Danielle Shanley PhD Candidate

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Dr. Tamar Sharon Assistant Professor

Project: Healthy Creativity

Tel:+31 43 388 3492
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Foto Tamar Sharon
Veerle Spronck PhD Candidate

Project: Symphonic Orchestras and their Audiences

Tel.: +31 43 388 2755
Room: 2.008
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Dr. Manuel Stoffers Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 3289
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Foto Manuel Stoffers
Dr. Geert Somsen Assistant Professor

Tel: +31 43 388 2545
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Foto Geert Somsen
Dr. Alexandra Supper Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 2008
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Prof.dr. Tsjalling Swierstra Program leader of Techno-moral Change

Professor of Philosophy

Tel:+31 43 388 4775
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Foto Tsjalling Swierstra
Dr. Nora S. Vaage Assistant Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 2559
Room: 2.002
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Dr. Jo Wachelder Associate Professor

Tel:+31 43 388 3325
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Foto Jo Wachelder
Sarah Weingartz PhD Candidate

Project: Conceptualizing Techno-Moral Change

Tel.: +31 43 388 84768
Room: C2.002
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Foto Sarah Weingartz
Ties van de Werff PhD Candidate

Project: Understanding Human Malleability: ethics of a plastic brain

Tel:+31 43 388 3469
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Foto Ties vd Werff
Willemine Willems PhD Candidate

Tel.: +31 43 388 2508
Room: C0.11
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Foto Willemine Willems
Andrea Wojcik PhD Candidate

Project: Making Clinical Sense

Tel: +31 43 388 2518
Room: 0.02
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Prof.dr. Sally Wyatt Program leader of Media Technologies

Professor of special appointment – Digital Cultures in Development

Tel:+31 43 388 2538
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Foto Sally Wyatt
Dr. Ragna Zeiss Assistant Professor

Project: Bio-objects and their boundaries

Tel:+31 43 388 4795
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Foto Ragna Zeiss
Bart Zwegers PhD Candidate

Tel.: +31 43 388 4900
Room: E2.07
Personal website
Foto Bart Zwegers