A Warrant for Ethical Research: medical ethics and human experimentation in the Netherlands (1945-2000)

This PhD-project is situated in the field of medical history and focuses on the history of medical ethics and human experimentation.

Noortje Jacobs charts the rise of medical-ethics committees in the Netherlands after the Second World War and tries to explain why, during this period, institutional review came to replace traditional professional etiquette as a regulatory ideal for guaranteeing ethical research practices on the shop floor of the Dutch hospital and research clinic. In addition, she researches the historical crystallization of clinical research ethics and the rise of the professional medical ethicist in the Netherlands after the Second World War. Mapping the ways in which clinical research ethics have historically been understood, mobilized and institutionalized can contribute valuable insights for both historians and medical ethicists into the complexities and contingencies of developing robust medico-ethical oversight for experimental tests upon human beings in a globalising world.

PhD Candidate:
Noortje Jacobs MPhil

Noortje Jacobs successfully defended her PhD on 20 June 2018.

Prof. Dr. Frank Huisman
Prof. Dr. Tsjalling Swierstra

Starting data: September 2012.