Anique Hommels funded co-applicant in Embedterlabs project visual
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The ‘Embedterlabs’ project, initiated by Marc Dijk (Maastricht Sustainability Institute, former ESST student) and Anique Hommels (MUSTS) has been selected for funding from NWO/JPI Urban Europe. 

The project develops three urban sustainability co-creation experiments in Gdansk, Stockholm and Maastricht and explores ways in which these experiments can become better embedded in these cities. The project falls under the ERA-Net Urban Transformation Capacities scheme and runs from 2022 to 2025.

The project aims to develop capacity for transformations towards sustainable and resilient urban areas. It deals with a major shortcoming of current urban planning, namely that the lessons from (highly context-specific) Urban Living Labs are often poorly translated into city-wide policies and urban transformations, which leaves them often with limited impact. The project is supported by a consortium consisting of universities, municipalities and urban stakeholders.