Valedictory lecture by Wiebe Bijker and ‘Adventuring into STS’ symposium

Videos and Texts for the lectures held on May 12, 2017.

Symposium “Adventuring into STS”

_H4A6480A1On May 12th, 2017, an international symposium “Adventuring into STS” was held with Harry Collins, Knut Sørensen, John Law, Rosalind Williams and Shiv Visvanathan. Link for symposium programme.

The presentations were streamed and recorded, and can be watched below (or the whole stream – including breaks – can be watched here). We apologize for the poor video quality, but the audio quality is generally good. We are working on improved video quality.

  1. Sophie Vanhoonacker (dean) & Harro van Lente (symposium chair): Welcome and Introduction. Watch online.
  2. Harry Collins: From SSK to Post-Truth: A personal reminiscence. Watch online.
  3. Knut Sørensen: Technology in use. Going beyond design and innovation. Watch online.
  4. John Law: Othering TEK: fish and science in Sápmi. Watch online.
  5. Rosalind Williams: STS as Romantic Quest. Watch online.
  6. Shiv Visvanathan: Reinventing Democracy. Watch online.

Academic ceremony Wiebe Bijker’s Valedictory lecture

cortegeWiebe E. Bijker read his valedictory lecture on May 12th, 2017 at the occasion of  becoming emeritus professor at Maastricht University.

The valedictory lecture is published as: Wiebe E. Bijker, “Constructing Worlds: Reflections on Science, Technology and Democracy (and a Plea for Bold Modesty)”, Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 3 (2017), 315-331; DOI:10.17351/ests2017.170. Link to publication.

The valedictory lecture was read in abbreviated form. Link for abbreviated lecture.

The academic ceremony was filmed. See the following parts of the ceremony:

1. Prof. Rianne Letschert, Rector, Introduction: watch online

2. Prof. Wiebe E. Bijker, valedictory lecture: watch online

3. Prof. Karin Bijsterveld, Presenting “Music for 4 instruments and bicycle”: watch online

4. Jan Cober (clarinet), Sanne Bijker (cello), Else Bijker (piano), Liselotte Bijker (viola) and Bart Soeters (bicycle), “Music for 4 instruments and bicycle” (opus 81) by Marijn Simons: watch online

5. Prof. José van Dijck, President KNAW: watch online

6. Prof. Sally Wyatt, presenting the book Wegwijs in STS—Knowing your way in STSwatch online

7. Prof. Sophie Vanhoonacker, Dean FASoS: watch online

The book Wegwijs in STS—Knowing your way in STS is also available for download.