Darryl Cressman edits volume ‘The Necessity of Critique’ on Andrew Feenberg’s work

cover 'The necessity of critique' red/blue

The essays in this edited collection are inspired by Andrew Feenberg’s philosophy of technology.

Feenberg is the leading critical theorist of technology working today, combining the critical traditions of Karl Marx, Martin Heidegger, Georg Lukács, and Herbert Marcuse with empirical methods from science & technology studies (STS) and media studies.

This book was put together to commemorate Andrew Feenberg being awarded the lifetime achievement award from the Society for the Philosophy of Technology. Instead of reflecting on Feenberg’s work, this collection takes as its starting point the spirit of critique that marks Feenberg’s work.

Drawing together work from philosophers, STS researchers, media theorists, and designers, this collection includes work on AI, smart cities, covid tracking apps, big data, the philosophy of design, algorithmic culture, and the intellectual history of the philosophy of technology.

Edited by Darryl Cressman, the volume also contains a chapter by MUSTS member Sally Wyatt on critical big data studies.

The book is published by Springer. For more details, please check the publisher’s website.