Dies Natalis Lecture by Sally Wyatt and Honorary Doctorate for Lucy Suchman

Videos of the event are now available for watching!During the 42nd Dies Natalis of Maastricht University, MUSTS researcher prof. dr. Sally Wyatt has given one of the keynote lectures and has also served as the honorary promotor of prof. dr. Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University), who received an honorary doctorate from Maastricht University. Videos are available for different parts of the event:

Watch the video of the introduction of Prof. dr. Lucy Suchman and the Presentation of honorary doctorate

Watch the video of Sally Wyatt’s lecture “Where is the knowledge we have lost in data?”

Videos are also available from the symposium on the Future of a Data-Driven Society, where Lucy Suchman held a lecture.

Also see the interview with keynote speakers Sally Wyatt and Michel Dumontier, in which they share their thoughts on the future of data in academia.