Dr. Tamar Sharon wins Edmond Hustinx prize for science (2015)

This year’s Edmond Hustinx prize for science, worth €15,000, was awarded to FASoS researcher Dr. Tamar Sharon for her research proposal ‘The Googlization of Medical Research’. Each year during the opening of the academic year, Maastricht University awards the Edmund Hustinx prize on behalf of the Edmond Hustinx Foundation to a young, promising researcher. For more information about Dr Sharon’s research, watch this video.

Philosopher Tamar Sharon (1975) obtained her PhD cum laude in Israel in 2011. She researches how people engage with new health technologies, at a time when they are increasingly expected to take individual responsibility for their health. Sharon has published several scientific articles and a book on this topic, and has been awarded the Mara Bellar Prize, a Rubcion grant (2012) and a Veni grant (2014). Her research is innovative as it provides an alternative to the dominant discourses on personalized healthcare. Tamar Sharon has also been nominated for the 2015 New Scientist Research Talent. You can vote for her until Monday 7 September on www.newscientist.nl/talent.