International STS societies

Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S).
4S was founded in 1975 and now has an international membership of over 1200. Its main purpose is to bring together those interested in understanding science, technology, and medicine, including the way they develop and interact with their social contexts.

The European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST).
Established in 1981, EASST represents academics and researchers in the fields of STS, the social analysis of innovation and related areas of knowledge. It brings together a variety of disciplines and many of its members have qualifications in both natural science/engineering and social sciences.

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)
SHOT was formed in 1958 to encourage the study of the development of technology and its relations with society and culture. It is concerned not only with the history of technological devices and processes but also with technology in history.

European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA)
The general aim of the EPSA is to promote and advance philosophy of science in Europe. It was established in 2007 to bring together professional philosophers of science and students from the whole of Europe (and the rest of the world) and foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among them.

British Society for the Philosophy of Science
The purpose of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science is to study the logic, the methods, and the philosophy of science, as well as those of the various special sciences, including the social sciences.

History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS)
HOPOS is devoted to promoting serious, scholarly research on the history of the philosophy of science. It aims to promote historical work in a variety of ways, but especially through encouraging exchange among scholars through meetings, publications, and electronic media.

History of Science Society
The History of Science Society is dedicated to understanding science, technology, medicine, and their interactions with society in historical context. Over 3,000 individual and institutional members across the world support the Society’s mission to foster interest in the history of science and its social and cultural relations.

International Committee for the History of Technology
ICOHTEC was founded in 1968 to provide a forum of scholars for the history of technology from both sides of the ‚iron curtain‘. It was constituted as a Scientific Section within the Division of the History of Science and Technology of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS/DHST).

Society for Philosophy and Technology
The Society for Philosophy and Technology is an independent international organization that encourages, supports and facilitates philosophically significant considerations of technology. Founded in 1976, SPT maintains an association with the American Philosophical Association.