Karin Bijsterveld launches ‘Weg van Lawaai’-app

Bijsterveld-weg van lawaai

On Tuesday 27 September, 2022, the festive launch is accompanied by a forum discussion at Institute Beeld & Geluid.

To participate, please register here. The application can be downloaded here.

‘Weg van Lawaai’ is a unique and freely accessible application, offering audio stories on the history of sound of, in and around cars. The stories are specially designed to be listened to on the Dutch A2 highway. Using GPS, the application provides stories to points of interest, such as remarkable sound barriers or buildings, that travelers pass along the highway.

Few of us may realize, but the sound of our cars is hardly self-evident. The application makes apparent to the car driver how their car sound was tuned. How did the cabin get so relatively quiet? Why did we start listening to car radio? What does the sound of cars mean for the built environment?

The application was produced by Maastricht University, Beeld & Geluid and Q42, under supervision of Karin Bijsterveld. The project was co-financed by Stichting ArchiScienza. The application makes use of historical audio fragments that were selected from the Beeld & Geluid archives. The audio stories were narrated by  Rik van de Westelaken.

The festive launch takes place on Tuesday 27 september, 16:00-17:00 at Beeld & Geluid, BenGlad 1, Media Parkboulevard 1, 1217 WE, Hilversum.

After the launch of the application, Bas Agterberg (Beeld & Geluid) will interview podcast producer Tjitske Mussche, app producer Matthijs Bernson, and architect Fons Verheijen. Does the use of GPS in the (electric) car have potential to renew the genre of podcast or even tourism? And what can app-producers, architects, car drivers and their passengers do with these new possibilities in audio?

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