Colloquium: MUSTS research, now and in the future

Wednesday, May 10 2017, 15:30-17:00, in the Attic (Grote Gracht 80-82, Maastricht)

In our MUSTS colloquium of May 10, we will reflect upon the present state and future of the MUSTS research program. The preparations for the upcoming FASoS research evaluation have amply demonstrated that we are a vibrant and successful research community; but if we look at these reports, what can we take with us as lessons for future developments? We will begin by taking stock of the current state of MUSTS research, and use that as the basis to reflect about future directions of our research program. Does our research output reflect to the world the identity of the MUSTS research program: for instance, are we present in the journals and other publication venues that we consider most important? Do we have the connections and networks that we aspire to be part of, and is our research visible to those partners inside and outside academia that we would like to collaborate with? And is there anything else that we can do as a group to support the processes of doing research and writing about it?