MUSTS Colloquium on Finding Funding, Writing Grant Applications and CAST poster session

January 24, 2018, 15:30-18:00 in Grote Gracht 80-82, Attic

Merle Achten, Karin Bijsterveld & Geert Somsen:

Finding Funding, Writing Grant Applications & CAST Internship Poster Session

Our annual MUSTS meeting on funding & grant applications will focus on four issues: the increasing importance of the Knowledge Utilization Section in NWO Grant Applications, new Horizon 2020 Calls that are relevant for STS, Marie Curie Fellowships, and Royal Academy funding (also available for non-members) for conferences, academy colloquia and visiting professorships. At the end of this afternoon, we will also celebrate the return of second year CAST students with drinks and posters. Through these posters, the CAST students will present their internship experiences and insights.



Karin Bijsterveld                The Knowledge Utilisation section in NWO grant applications: Suggestions for enriching research

Merle Achten                        New calls in Horizon 2020: Chances for STS (with brainstorm session)

Geert Somsen                       Why should they give you a fellowship? Creating convincing connections in the Marie Curie programme

Karin Bijsterveld                Royal Academy funding for conferences, colloquia and visiting professorships

from 17:00 onward:  Internship Poster Presentations by CAST Students & Drinks