MUSTS Colloquium with prof. Thomas Heinze (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) on May 25

prof. Thomas Heinze

Wednesday May 25, 15:30-17:00

This event will take place in hybrid form.

If you would like to attend as non-MUSTS member, please register by sending an email to: j{dot}bruyninckx{at}maastrichtuniversity{dot}nl

“Increased isomorphism and structural inertia. Public universities in Germany, 1995-2015.”


Neo-institutional theory claims that organizational fields tend to be populated by entities that become increasingly similar (=isomorphic) over time. Furthermore, in higher education and public research, isomorphism is believed to be detrimental to creativity and innovation. Yet, from a quantitative point of view, we know very little about the growth and pervasiveness of isomorphism. Based on the entire field of public universities in Germany, the talk presents indicators and descriptive longitudinal evidence showing that isomorphism has increased in tandem with only modest structural change (inertia).