MUSTS colloquium with Willem Halffman (Radboud University) – ‘Does Science Correct itself?’

Willem Halffman

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 15:30-17:00

This event will take place on campus. Please register by sending an email to: j{dot}bruyninckx{at}maastrichtuniversity{dot}nl


Researchers are steeped in the conviction that science ultimately corrects itself. However, correction in the literature appears to be rather exceptional. Worse, efforts to correct are often met with fierce resistance. Error, the response to error, and novel error correction practices offer interesting questions for social studies of science, but also raise serious concerns for the scientific communication system and what we can expect from the literature.



Willem Halffman is senior lecturer in Science and Technology Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen and associate member of the Centre for Science, Knowledge and Policy (SKAPE) at Edinburgh University. As a sociologist, he studies scientific misconduct, research error, and error correction processes in the context of scientific publishing. He coordinated the PRINTEGER project on research integrity and currently researches error correction in nanobiology with the ERC NanoBubbles project. He has studied processes of co-construction of science and policy, which resulted among others in the co-authored book Environmental Expertise: Connecting Science, Policy and Society. Cambridge University Press. Until 2014, he was coordinator of the Dutch Graduate School WTMC, and he is a founding member of H.Nu and part of WOinActie. As an activist, he has published with Hans Radder the widely acclaimed ‘Academic Manifesto’ about the state of universities.