Open WUN (Worldwide Universities Network)

This one-year project will develop research partnerships focused on open scholarship, with a particular emphasis on digital cultural heritage. Partners will come together for a week-long workshop in Japan, including experts from across the open scholarship spectrum (open data, open tools, open publication and open education), and will prepare the following:

  1. develop new research funding applications,
  2. scope the possibilities for open scholarship within WUN, and prepare a White Paper,
  3. conduct a pilot demonstrating the research potential for integrating open scholarship activities within the WUN community.

The potential of open scholarship in the context of cultural heritage will serve as a consistent theme, and WUN contributions include global experts on digital cultural heritage. The project is focused within two of the core WUN themes – Understanding Cultures (global digital cultures; heritage) and Global Higher Education and Research (access and mobility). It will also allow an analysis of WUN strengths in this area and a demonstrate the potential of linking varied open scholarship outputs together to develop new research and to communicate that research more effectively.


This project is funded by the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), a leading global higher education and research network made up of 21 universities, spanning 11 countries on five continents. For this project, the University of Southampton is taking the lead. In addition to Maastricht, other WUN partners participating are: Rochester University, University of Auckland, University of Ghana, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.



MUSTS researcher: Sally Wyatt

The project runs throughout 2017, for one year only.