Recent PhD defenses by Claudia Egher and Jorijn van Duijn

Two researchers affiliated with the MUSTS research group have recently successfully defended their PhD dissertations:

On December 4, 2019, Claudia Egher has successfully defended her dissertation on Mental Health Online: The enactment of expertise on Bipolar disorder on American and French online platforms. Claudia has been a PhD candidate within the MUSTS research group for the past few years, and her dissertation was supervised by Sally Wyatt and Tamar Sharon.

On November 22, 2019, Jorin van Duijn has successfully defended his dissertation on Fortunes of High-Tech: A history of innovation at ASM International, 1958-2008. Jorijn was affiliated with MUSTS as an external PhD candidate during the last few years. His dissertation was supervised by Harro van Lente and Dirk van Delft and has been published as a book by Techwatch Books.

For more information about these dissertations, see our overview of MUSTS dissertations.