Sally Wyatt speaks on ‘(Gender) Diversity and Inclusion’ in Digital Humanism

Organized by the Digital Humanism intiative at TU Wien, the panel explored how different voices should be included in the development of digital technologies.

Digital Humanism is ‘focused on ensuring that technology development remain centered on human interests’. This panel focuses on ‘which humans’ can and should be included in the development and application of digital technologies.

Sally Wyatt examined how the inclusion of women in computer science and related fields has declined over the past 50 years. She argued that including women is partly a matter of social justice, of providing women with access to interesting and well paid jobs. Further, it is a matter of epistemic justice, including women’s perspectives and experiences could lead to better and more inclusive technologies.

Other speakers on the panel included Jeanne Lenders (European Commission), Hinda Haned (University of Amsterdam), Judy Wajcman (London School of Economics) and Erin Young (The Alan Turning Institute). The panel was moderated by Lynda Hardman (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam and Utrecht University).

A recording of the presentation and panel discussion is available below:

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