Talking You Through: Traffic Information and Car Radio, 1950s-now

This project examines the history and contemporary practices of traffic radio in the United States, Germany and The Netherlands (1950s-now). Which technologies and organisational forms have been developed to gather and transmit traffic information across radio? How has this information been presented to and appropriated by drivers? And how can a historical-comparative understanding of traffic radio inform us on high-quality traffic information today and contribute to sustainable mobility?

Marith Dieker is a PhD candidate at Maastricht University. Previously, she worked as a research assistant in the Sonic Skills project, organising the Sonic Science Festival that took place in January 2015 and assisting other members of project with their on-going research. Before this, she finished her research master in Cultures of Art, Science and Technology (CAST).” Marith Dieker successfully defended her PhD on 16 January 2020, and currently works as researcher and coordinator of research at HAN school of Engineering and Automotive (Arnhem).

PhD candidate: Marith Dieker (MSc)

Promotor: Prof. dr. Karin Bijsterveld

Funding: NWO Humanities.

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